Trigg Da Terrorist


I Swear ft. Big Trajik - Single

When all you have is the music to love you back. You become loyal to it. When this is the only way to eat. You put your all in to it. Anyone who try to take that from you has hell pay. Music is life and Life is in these two mind bending rappers lyrics.

God Feeling - Single

The mood is set! Driven by passion , honesty, and loyalty. Vibing on a God level with this ghetto love version. With a connection like none other the john will make her feeling wanted through conversation and intimate touches. Sending high voltages of chills down her spin. Til she comes out of her body and reaches that God Feeling spreading her wings of lust.

Drip - Single

Being self motivated is a trait that not many carry. People will look down on you when your not winning. You have to keep that drip, and that sauce about you. Those who seek more then the average will encounter those peers that only come around when your popping. This song is about those who speak on what they do not know and how being yourself is DRIP! 

Heathen - Single

When you try your best to go the right direction and life drags you into the streets. Working your way out the struggle is the only option. Therefore, the world has created a heathen.

Stay Focus - Single

They are going to try and side arm you when you don't got it and try to take it when you do got it. When you encounter these peers , notice them , beware of them. If there is no loyalty then why circle them surroundings. This song is energetic yet laid back style and dead on point punch lines.